Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aloha Stratton Family

Last week we had the honor of having the Stratton family come visit us in Hawaii. This cute family has been our best friends for years. We first met in North Carolina, then we ended up in the same neighborhood in Texas. We are so grateful that all 4 boys chose to spend their family vacation in Hawaii instead of Disneyland :) Even though they stayed at the resort down the hill from our house, we still got together almost every day to have fun, and spend some quality time with them.These pictures are in no particular order. This was taken while swimming at the Lagoons at Ko'Olina. The kids had so much fun hunting for crabs and finding fish. One night we had the kiddos spend the night, so Ryan and Heather could have some alone time. I'm sure they enjoyed dinner, and a bike excursion, but honestly, I think we had more fun having a campout in the living room. Even Masen got in on the action and enjoyed playing in the tent.
I let them stay up late, eat popcorn and watch movies. We just LOVE these friends.
Here is the kiddos all posing at Waikiki Beach. What a good lookin' group of kids.
One day we all went swimming/snorkeling at Paradise Cove. It is one of our favorite beaches because you can swim with turtles. There were 4-5 there on this day, and this little guy was missing a fin.
We feel so blessed to have such great friends. Can't wait for the next party...maybe in Colorado?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dad Goes to D.C.

Last week Chris had the opportunity to travel to D.C. for an Army conference. While there he did some sight seeing with a few of the other doctors. They were amazed at his ability to get around the city, so he was voted to be the tour guide. It was nice meeting the President and First Lady.Hopefully the bill he signed in the oval office benefits the nation. The Army needs more dentists and hopefully his appeals to congress can affect change! Good try anyways.