Saturday, December 27, 2008


Last night while playing with all our Christmas goodies we noticed our lights flickering, and thought we might be experiencing a "brown out." With all the electronics making weird noises, Chris turned everything off, including computer and modem, Wii, TV, even the AC and fridge. Yikes! What do we DO without electronics?!?! We left on the flickering lamps and played board games, and had some good old fashioned family bonding time. Finally at 8:30 everything went black for good. Since our move we still haven't found our flashlights, so we lit a few candles to help us in the dark. The kids were a little scared, so we had a camp-out in mom and dad's room. I took this picture in the complete dark, so when the flash went off it lit up the whole house. Notice the little toy flashlight Dallin is holding. It's the only one we could find.We feel fortunate that the power was only off for a total of about 6 hours, whereas much of the island was out for up to 18 hours. This blackout really showed our family how much we are NOT prepared for an emergency. I guess that is something we will be working on here in the near future.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas at the Lambert's house this year has been great. On Saturday we braved the mall so we could get the kid's picture taken with Santa. Even though they both have outgrown Santa, it's become somewhat of a tradition to get a picture. They are both excited to start the Santa thing with Masen next year. After pictures we headed over to Farell's, an old fashioned ice cream parlor. I thought it would be a fun tradition to start while here in Hawaii, but it didn't turn out as idyllic as I had hoped. It is a popular place for birthday parties, and I think every loud, screaming, pre-teen girl in the mall was there having a birthday. It was worse than Chuck-E-Cheese! If we do it again next year, we will have to plan a little better.
Our Christmas Eve day was spent out shopping and catching a movie. Instead of the usual Christmas dinner, we went out to P.F. Changs. When you get a craving for Hot and Sour Soup, what else can you do? The evening was spent chillin' at home. The kids usually get to open one present (which mom and dad choose). Usually they get pajamas, but this year we got them robes. It's just too dang hot in Hawaii. At least with a robe they can shed it before they go to bed. On Christmas morning I was the first one up. I couldn't sleep, so I decided to start breakfast at 5:30. I wasn't exactly quiet, and I put on the tree lights, and Christmas music. It wasn't until after 7 I went and woke up the kids. Santa brought the kids a Wii, which they were totally excited for. Check out the kids' individual blogs for the rest of their Christmas.Chris went all out this year for me. He had promised to replace the glider that we got rid of before we moved to Hawaii. He honestly didn't think we would have room for it (wrong). He got me my DREAM leather glider/recliner. I was so surprised, I cried when I opened it. It is supposed to go in the nursery, but I love it so much, I parked it in the living room, where it will stay until the baby is born. He also got me a Dyson vacuum. I know, I know...many women think this is a horrible gift, but I have wanted one for so long, it was the only thing I asked for. I absolutely LOVE it! And the best part of the present is, that he will do the vacuuming for me ;) How's that for a great husband? I feel so spoiled.
Although the Wii was meant for the kids, Chris has had a blast playing it. He and Dallin are becoming tennis pros, and Corynn has beat him at boxing a few times. I tease him that he got beat by a girl. He has been practicing his golf swing the rest of the day. Chris also got a chair back massager, which he picked out. He loves to put it on my glider and get a nice back rub. The sounds and faces he makes are hilarious, and it seems like he is in a little pain, but he assures me it feels SO good.

We loved talking to all our loved ones throughout the day. We miss them terribly. I can't wait for a Christmas where we get to be a little closer to family. Until then, we will enjoy our Hawaiian Christmases, with our 80 degree weather, and shorts and flip-flops.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree

This year we finally retired our old Christmas tree. Chris and I bought it our first Christmas we were married, and it held a lot of sentimental value, but, alas, it was time to move on. Our new house has huge vaulted ceilings, so I've been wishing for a nice TALL tree. The tallest I could find was a 9 footer (I'm sure there are taller trees somewhere, just not in Hawaii). Chris had to bring in the ladder to decorate the top and put the star on. It was a fun family night of decorating.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Ward Visit from an Apostle

I don't know about everyone else, but at our house, Sundays are hectic...especially the Sundays that Chris has a lesson to teach. So this morning was like every other Sunday; mad rush, some raised voices, and FINALLY getting in the car grumpy. On the way to church I commented that I hated Sundays, to which the kids echoed my feelings. Boy did I feel bad when we walked into the chapel, and everyone was SO reverent and quiet (where normally there is a buzz of conversations going on). I looked up to the stand, and there was Pres. Henry B. Eyring! Sacrament meeting went on like normal with a few good talks, some good Christmas songs, then right before the meeting ended, Pres. Eyring asked the bishop if he could say a few words. While he spoke Coyrnn asked who he was (even she could tell there was a difference). When I explained to her that he is one of the 12 apostles, and the first counselor to our prophet Pres. Monson, she asked if after the meeting she could go give him a hug. I told her probably not. He spoke of us being spiritual children of Heavenly Father, and that by keeping and renewing our covenants we can also be children of Christ. Then he spoke of being in Samoa one year near Christmas time, where he met an Indian family who had accepted the gospel, and were preparing to return to their home in India (any mention of India immediately grabs our family's attention, since that is where Chris served his mission). He spoke of this family returning home to Hyderabad, where they helped fulfilled prophecy by bringing the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. This is the very city that Chris spent 3-4 months teaching the gospel to the Indian people. What a beautiful talk it was, and accompanied by such a wonderful spirit. When the meeting ended Chris took the kids to their primary pews (they have opening exercises in the chapel ), and Corynn walked right up to Pres. Eyring and he shook her hand. I will never say I hate Sundays again.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Camping at Bellows Beach

This week-end we rented a "cabin" at Bellows Beach, a private Air Force beach. We got there about an hour before we could check in, so we tried to get some family pictures first. I refused to hire a photographer when I look so preggers. Maybe next year. For this year, my father-in-law was the photographer extraordinaire! He did a great job for the 10 mins. my kids would hold still and stay out of the water. As soon as we said, "go" the kids were in the water boogie boarding. Never mind the board rash they both got. It was worth it! Here is a picture of Chris catching a wave with Corynn, while Dallin waits for the next one. Grandpa is looking on, wondering when someone will let him borrow their board :)
Steak on the grill for dinner. Yum.
This is the view from our cabin's back door. I love this beach because the trees make it feel so rustic, but then just a few steps more and you have sandy beach and turquoise water for a tropical feel.