Saturday, January 31, 2009

Father and Sons Camp Out

Last night, Chris and Dallin were able to go to our annual Stake Father and Son's Camp Out at White Plains Beach. This is their first one in Hawaii, and they have always enjoyed the ones they went to in Texas. They had a lot of fun, socializing, roasting marshmallows over the fire, Dallin playing Star Wars with the other boys, and chasing sand crabs with flashlights on the beach after dark. They camped next to Dallin's little friend Alema and his dad Chris from the Makakilo Ward.
I guess a big breakfast is a tradition out here. I love seeing men cook! It proves they can.
After breakfast they headed down to the beach for some boogie boarding. Dallin even came home with a little bit of a sunburn. A sunburn in January? I guess I forget we have to wear sun-screen year round out here. Go figure.
There was only one "incident." While Chris was loading up the car, Dallin disobeyed his Dad and went near the fire without him. He was barefoot after swimming, and stepped on a hot coal which left a nasty blister on the bottom of his foot. Hopefully he learned his lesson.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tummy Time

While I am not one of those people that find MY pregnant tummy to be cute, sexy, or even remotely attractive, I do find it amazing! I marvel at the body's ability to adapt and change to nurture another human life inside of it. With my last 2 pregnancies I was quite sick, so having a healthy pregnancy this time around has been great! Here is a picture of me taken at about 33 weeks. I don't really enjoy these kinds of photos, but I will post one for posterity's sake. I saw a T-shirt a while ago that made me smile. It says, "I grow people; what's your superpower?" It may not be a superpower, but it sure is a miracle.

Best Buds

With Corynn and Dallin going back to school tomorrow, I've been reflecting on this long Christmas break we've had. I LOVE it that my kids are each other's best friends. I remember growing up I didn't really get along with my brothers (I'm really sorry guys!), but sought out friends in the neighborhood every chance I got. Don't get me wrong, my kids have outside friends too, but they are just as content with each other as with anyone else. I love to listen to their imaginary play, making up songs and stories, giggling, and even resolving a conflict. During this whole break they have even been sleeping in the same room. They got out a tent that Uncle Phil an Aunt Juli gave them a few years ago for Christmas, and had a week long "camp-out" in Corynn's room.
Even watching them play video games is fun. They encourage each other, cooperate, and (mostly) can resolve a fight without Mom's intervention.
I took the kids to the zoo with our ward's playgroup last week. Sadly, I hardly took any pictures at all! What is wrong with me? Chris teased me that I could be the penguin exhibit; I was wearing a black shirt, have a big tummy, and I waddle. Ha, ha. Very Funny. The kids had fun though.
I am such a lucky mom who gets to raise these two great kids. I know over the years their bond will only strengthen. As much as I fought with my brothers, I love them so much now. I wish I had started out with a friendship like the one my kids have.