Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween...Kinda

I have been in such a funk this fall. Probably because it feels like summer outside. There are many things I love about Hawaii, but I really miss fall on the mainland. I had such a hard time getting into the spirit of Halloween this year. While I was in Phoenix, Chris took Corynn and Dallin to pick out their costumes. They are big into Wizards 101 right now, so no big surprise that they both picked out wizard costumes. Kind of lame, but whatever. The day before Halloween, Masen still didn't have a costume. I seriously was thinking of throwing a swim diaper on him and calling him a beach bum. At the last minute I found this cowboy/sheriff costume. I thought he looked cute, especially with the binky :)We attended out ward's Trunk-or-Treat. We even brought a few of our neighborhood friends. Here is Dallin with his Werewolf friend McKell.The kids loved all the candy they got, and all the time spent with friends. I loved that it was over :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Boating in Kaneohe Bay

I had been buggin' Chris for a while to go the the Marine base and take that class that would allow him to rent a boat so our family could go boating in Kaneohe Bay. The problem is, the base is on the other side of the island, and it's an hour drive, and he would have to take it early on a Saturday morning. I guess all my nagging paid off. He took the class, and we spent a fabulous, sunny day boating. We have many friends that had told us about doing this, but we really didn't have any idea of what to expect. Chris took us out to the sand-bar where we anchored the boat and got out and walked around. What an experience. I felt a little like Peter in the Bible, walking on water in the middle of an ocean. What a handsome captain! Masen's turn at the wheel :)
On the way back to the dock Chris took us past Coconut Island, where parts of Gilligan's Island was filmed. Chris and I called this our test run. When his parents come out for Christmas we want to bring them out here, and let them experience this beauty of Hawaii. A couple things we learned 1) Bring more toys...nothing to do in the middle of the ocean gets boring fast. We plan on a kayak, paddle board, and snorkel gear next time. 2) Make SURE you observe the markers for coral. We got stuck on a reef when we weren't paying attention. Thank goodness we were able to push the boat out ourselves and didn't need the marines to come rescue us :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Lynn's Business Trip

OK, I admit it. I am jealous of all of Chris' business trips. After voicing this jealousy, Chris suggested that once a year I should take a "business" trip. He would take a week off of work and play Mr. Mom, while I travel to some sort of church conference. When my sister-in-law Jen suggested that all the Lambert women get together for a Time Out For Women, I knew that opportunity was knocking!
Since TOFW Phoenix is really only 2 days, and I had a WHOLE week (cushioned by both weekends) I was able to visit family and friends in the area. First stop: My Grandpa Wilsey's house. I ADORE my Grandpa. He was the number one positive male influence in my life growing up. I loved spending three days with him and his wife Barbara. Next stop: My friend Joyce's house. Our husbands attended dental school together, where we met and became fast friends. Another friend Debra came down from Vegas for the girl-friend-get-together. I LOVED reconnecting with these gorgeous friends.
We met up with yet another dental school friend, Natalie. If only Sue were there...our little gang would be complete. After three days with Joyce, and WAY too many late nights, I headed to my next stop: My sis-in-law Kim's house. While there we were able to see my niece Sarah get baptized.
Next stop: Downtown Phoenix for the conference. I had so much fun with my sis-in-laws, mom-in-law and niece. The conference was wonderful and uplifting. The company was fabulous. The hotel was fun. Loved the late night chats with the gals. Here we are on the first day (minus Shel).
What a fabulous group of gals. I really lucked out and married into the best family. I seriously LOVE these women!
After the conference, we met up with Chris' cousin Carrie, whom I had never met. I requested Olive Garden since there isn't one on the island where I live. I *heart* bread sticks and salad here. Although the service was a little off, we enjoyed every minute.
What a great experience this was! I'm so grateful for an understanding, and willing husband to hold down the fort for nine days. I teased him that this week would be "wife appreciation week," but really it turned out to be "husband appreciation week," for me. Thanks Hon, you're the BEST!