Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

This year we decided to break from tradition, and eat out for our Thanksgiving dinner. Usually we have some sort of company (last year was the missionaries, and the year before Grandma and Grandpa Lambert were here), and I cook up a feast. I told Chris I didn't want to go to all the work for just our little family ESPECIALLY since nobody likes leftovers. Chris agreed, so he made reservations at a sea side restaurant called The Sea Breeze. It is an open air restaurant overlooking the ocean. The location was ideal and the buffet was pretty good. I just loved that I didn't have to cook :)
Dallin was so funny, I just had to take a picture of his food choice from the salad bar. Really? Croutons with ranch? Gross. This was our view. Beautiful huh?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I Love to See the Temple

After almost two years of renovation, the Laie Temple held their Open House for the public. We had always admired the exterior of the Temple, but now we could take our whole family inside to admire the interior as well. This was the second renovation of this particular temple, as it is one of the Church's oldest temples (built in 1919). Masen was being a typical toddler, and had a hard time sitting still. Here Chris is trying to keep him entertained while the rest of us watched a little video before heading into the temple. After the tour we tried to get a family picture in front of the temple. It was sprinkling a little, so there was nobody around to ask to take a shot of all of us. I loved this next picture! It showed exactly how this day went. Masen was such an uncooperative little stinker!
I sure love my Eternal Companion! We are so grateful for the blessings of the temple. Happy to know that he can't EVER be rid of me :)As an interesting side-note, Chris later made the observation that a temple has been dedicated (or re-dedicated in this case) in EVERY place we have lived since being married. We have been to 5 open houses in the past 14 years.
1) Mt. Timpanogos Temple in 1996
2) Columbus, Ohio in 1999
3) Raleigh, North Carolina in 1999
4) San Antonio, Texas in 2005, and
5) Laie, Hawaii in 2010.
I wonder what this means for Colorado Springs?