Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lambert Reunion 2011

Shortly after moving into our apartment in Colorado Springs, we headed to Utah for a few weeks for some Lambert Family time. Sadly, we didn't bring our camera, so those of you who were there will have to use your memories, and those of you who weren't will have to use your imaginations.

~ Rented a cabin at Sundance for 3 nights.
~ Swam in the hot tub.
~ Went on beautiful, scenic walks.
~ Rode the ski lift up the mountain, then hiked to Stewart falls and back.
~ Went to Deer Creek Reservoir where we swam and rode wave runners.
~ Went to Midway where we walked around the Homestead and explored the springs nearby.
~ Spent lots of time watching the kids play with their cousins, while the grown-up visited.

It was quite the get together with 17 adults and about 20 kids (I lose track after a while). Even after the official reunion was over, it seemed that every day we were all still getting together for various activities. It was the family reunion that just kept on going.

P.S. If any of you Lambert's have pictures, I would REALLY appreciate a copy :)

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